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"Pricing Options & Complete Details"
~ For "Single" Visits & "Rapid-Results" Series Visits ~

Cold Laser "Dual" Photo-Rejuvenation Treatment™

KARAMAR | Specialized Skincare's
Cold Laser "Dual" Photo-Rejuvenation Treatments™
are progressive ~ effective ~ non-invasive, and
do not interrupt busy lifestyles, as there is no
downtime, and provide excellent long-term results.

KARAMAR'S  ~  Cold Laser "Dual" Photo-Rejuvenation
Treatments™  listed below are Exclusive to KARAMAR
Clients.  We proudly offer you only "innovated, leading edge,
enjoyable, and effective skincare treatments," and do not
offer basic or fluff type services, treatments or products.
You can except to only receive, exclusive, scientifically
proven ingredient formulations, at effective dose levels
to deliver targeted action and optimum results, along with
our unique and perfected "c
ontinually" changing advanced
techniques and technology, and pre & post methods designed
for your individual and specific skincare needs and goals

KARAMAR'S   Cold Laser "Dual" Photo-Rejuvenation
include only "exclusive & effective" formulated
ingredients along with additional "complimentary" & numerous
"beneficial extras" which will be added throughout your
advanced skincare treatments and are not offered elsewhere.
Our advanced skincare treatments are "continuously" being
upgraded and have been "perfected" over many years, and
geared towards refreshed, healthy, glowing & revitalized skin.

"Pricing Options & Complete Service Details"
~ For "Single" Visits & "Rapid-Results" Series Visits ~

Single Visits "or" Rapid-Results Series
"Include the Following
KARAMAR | Specialized Skincare's
Cold Laser "Dual"
Photo-Rejuvenation Treatment™
*Depending on your Skin Type & Skincare Needs ~ we will use during
your "Cold Laser-Dual" Skincare Treatment, one or more "exclusive"
advanced techniques, specialty hand-pieces and advanced, "exclusive"
equipment, as we use several advanced options, and will depend again
on your skin type & skincare goals.  Pricing is the same whether we use
several or multiple techniques which are best suited for your skin type.

The Following KARAMAR | Specialized Skincare's
"Advanced" Skincare Treatments
Ultrasonic Exfoliating/Prepping Facial Treatment™

Cold Laser "Dual" Photo-Rejuvenation
"Toning Infusion" Treatment™

Nutri-Emulsion "Overlay" Facial Treatment™

Acupressure "RRLD & Toning" Facial Treatment™

The Following KARAMAR | Specialized Skincare's
"Complimentary" Advanced Skincare Treatment
Ultrasonic "Conditioning & Hydrating
Infusion" Skincare Treatment™
*Ultrasonic "Conditioning and Hydrating Infusion" Skincare Treatment
using both a specially designed & patented machine operated hand
piece selected just for the very specific areas of your often overlooked
and neglected shoulders, upper-chest, upper-arms & neck areas,
as well as a custom formulated blend of specially selected creams,
treatment body butters & serums for your individual skin type.

"Single Visit"
~ P
ricing Options
KARAMAR | Specialized Skincare's
Advanced & Extensive "Single Visit"
Treatment Scheduling Options

Cold Laser "Dual"
Photo-Rejuvenation Treatment™

Includes the Face, Neck, Lip & Eye Areas,
and the Decollete/Upper Chest Area.
"Decollete/upper chest area is Complimentary"
The Decollete/upper chest area is "Complimentary" with your
"Cold Laser-Dual" Skincare Treatment, as well as "many" additional
"Complimentary" extras, and there are "
no" added charges for the
Decollete Area or the additional "Complimentary" extras in the
prices below, as these are a "KARAMAR Client Appreciation Bonus.

1 treatment every 3 to 4 weeks      ~
  $195per visit

1 treatment every 5 to 6 weeks      ~  $200  per visit

1 treatment every 7 to 8 weeks      ~
  $205  per visit

1 treatment every 9 to 10 weeks     ~  $210  per visit

1 treatment every 11 to 12 weeks    ~  $215 per visit

1 treatment every 13 to 14 weeks   ~  $220  per visit

1 treatment every 15 to 16+ weeks  ~
$230  per visit

"Special Introductory Offer"
*For New Clients interested in trying one of our skincare
treatments ~  the price of your introductory "Initial" skincare
treatment is the "3 to 4" week maintenance" price listed above.

"Rapid Results"
~ Series P
ricing Options 
KARAMAR | Specialized Skincare's
Advanced & Extensive "Rapid-Results"
Skincare Treatment Series Program

Cold Laser "Dual"
Photo-Rejuvenation Treatment™

Includes the Face, Neck, Lip & Eye Areas,
and the Decollete/Upper Chest Area.
"Decollete/upper chest area is Complimentary"
The Decollete/upper chest area is "Complimentary" with your
"Cold Laser-Dual" Skincare Treatment, as well as "many" additional
"Complimentary" extras, and there are "
no" added charges for the
Decollete Area or the additional "Complimentary" extras in the
prices below, as these are a "KARAMAR Client Appreciation Bonus.

*Option #1
6 to 8 Treatments within 3 to 8 weeks
1 to 2 treatments per week ~ $175 per visit

*Option #2
4 Treatments within 4 weeks
treatment per week ~ $180 per visit

*Option #3
6 Treatments within 8 weeks
1 treatment every 10 days ~ $185 per visit

*(please click on the "recommended number of treatments"
link for complete details and information regarding initial
start-up and maintenance visits ~ will vary per each individual)

Cold Laser "Dual" Photo-Rejuvenation
Treatment ~ Complete Service Details

KARAMAR | Specialized Skincare's
 Cold Laser "Dual" Photo-Rejuvenation Treatments™
are progressive ~ effective ~ non-invasive, and
do not interrupt busy lifestyles, as there is no
downtime, and provide excellent long-term results.

We offer you only "Exclusive" Leading Edge, Specially Designed
"Patented" Hand Pieces, Multiple & Extensive Wave Lengths and
"Multi-Option" Customized Settings for each of your treatments.

We can select the correct & most beneficial combination for your
specific skin type, and thus allowing you to achieve even greater
results, along with providing "superior" ingredient penetration of
our "extensive" and exclusive formulation, anti-aging serums,
 cremes.  Our Advanced Up-to-the-Minute Technology, Extensive
Ingredient Formulations and Technique are Unique and Exclusive.

"Your KARAMAR Cold Laser "Dual" Photo-Rejuvenation
Treatment™ begins with a skin analysis and also using
either a professional skin scope "or" a skin analyzer.
This information is then used to "custom formulate" for
your continually changing individual & specific skin type, and
skincare goals, the most beneficial & effective ingredients
and to plan accordingly your treatment settings for each
phase of your advanced & exclusive skincare treatment.

Next, and an important first phase of your treatment,
you will receive "both" a "prepping facial cleansing"
using a custom formulated blend of exclusive serums and
creams, followed by a "signature" KARAMAR "Ultrasonic"
Exfoliating/Prepping Skincare Treatment™ of your face,
neck & decollete areas  ~  specifically for your individual
skincare needs, and this important & specialized first phase
of your skincare treatment "beneficially" removes even the
most minute and stubborn build-up on the skin's surface, of
cellular debris, oils, dirt & bacteria to name a few, in which
this type of skin build-up will prevent superior ingredient
absorption and makes skin treatments "less effective."
We do not cut corners on any of our skincare treatments
and use leading edge "advanced" methods to ensure you
receive "exceptional" quality skincare services & results.

Cold Laser "Dual" Photo-Rejuvenation Treatment™
Infusion of Specially Formulated Advanced Serums

Throughout your treatment specific Light waves help drive
hydrating & advanced nourishing low molecular weight exclusive
ingredients effectively into the skin.  This next phase provides
deep penetration of advanced serums directly into the skin.
Next over 50+ low molecule weight, custom formulated advanced
serums are then applied to your skin followed by our exclusive, Cold
Laser Photo-Rejuvenation hand pieces, which are applied directly
to your skin, full contact between your skin and the specialty
hand pieces, and then moved and held precisely and specifically
over your skin and special extra attention is then given to specific
areas of your skin, such as your forehead, eye and lip areas...  We
will be switching between intensity of light wave frequencies and
also between several of our advanced, precise exclusive Cold Laser
"Dual" Photo-Rejuvenation hand pieces, multiple times throughout
your treatment and will be selected for each specific area.

≈ KARAMAR'S  ~  Cold Laser "Dual" Photo-Rejuvenation
Treatment™ is a Progressive Treatment, and the intensity
and settings will be precisely increased for optimum results.
Blending of additional individualized and specific customized
serums for each phase of your treatment will be adjusted.

Please Note:  Clients receiving "Maintenance" skincare
treatments every 3 to 4 weeks your treatment visits will
be set at full intensity and continually increased higher, both
settings & ingredients accordingly.  Clients coming  in after
5+ weeks for "Maintenance" skincare treatment visits we
may need to adjust your treatment settings & will need to add
additional ingredients.  However, after 6+ weeks, we will need
to adjust both your skincare treatment settings, and add
additional ingredients and time, which we can discuss prior to
your coming in for your next skincare treatment, if need be.

As your treatments progress to the next phases
as decided upon during your initial consultation visit and
results after each visit, "extra attention" will be directed
to focus areas such as the face, forehead, neck, eye area
decollete area, and around the mouth and upper lip area,
and settings for each specific phase will be increased
accordingly for more intensity to these areas.

After your “full facial, neck, lip & eye areas, and
decollete area, Cold Laser "Dual" Photo-Rejuvenation
is complete, you will then receive a second
custom formulated blend of specialty serums & clinical
actives, several clinically advanced "multiple" peptides
and other exclusive and specially formulated ionizable
serums will be applied to your face and neck area,

 Followed with a custom Cold Laser "Dual"
Photo-Rejuvenation "Toning Infusion" Treatment™
of these specialized ingredients directly into your skin,
and we also will be varying the output settings.  During
the "Toning Infusion" phase of your advanced skincare
treatment your skin will start to feel invigorated and
you may or may not have a temporary slight tingling or
prickly/snapping sensation  ~  however, never a painful
or uncomfortable feeling, and your skin will start to
feel re-hydrated, firming, refreshed and revitalized.

 Next, you will receive a "multi-layering" of leading edge,
at effective dose levels, custom-formulated multi-peptide
serums, a healthy alternative to Botox, and an "exclusive"
anti-aging, anti-oxidant, firming full face, neck, decollete,
eye area & upper lip area "veil," custom formulated for your
skin type, along with additional key-active ingredients will be
applied throughout each of your skincare treatment phases.

After your "multi-layering" full face, neck area, eye area,
upper lip and decollete-upper chest area "veil" is complete
you will receive an exclusive "customized for your specific
skincare needs" a KARAMAR   Nutri-Emulsion "Overlay"
Facial Treatment™
an advanced and exclusive "delivery
systemof extensive and effective lineup of custom
formulated "actives" and "beneficial" ingredients, which
are then infused further into your skin with our exclusive,
KARAMAR Acupressure "RRLD & Toning" Facial Treatment™

  As these key ingredients are being absorbed into your skin,
will receive a relaxing and "beneficial" to the other often
neglected & overlooked areas of your skin a
shoulder, upper-arm, upper-chest & neck area, an Ultrasonic
"Conditioning & Hydrating Infusion" Skincare Treatment™
using both a "specially designed" & patented machine operated
hand piece selected just for the very specific areas of your
shoulders, upper-chest, upper-arms and neck areas, as well
as a custom formulated blend of specially selected creams,
treatment body butters & serums for your individual skin type.
Followed with a second finishing application of
our Acupressure "RRLD & Toning" Facial Treatment™
using patented, machine operated, advanced and exclusive
acupressure hand-pieces,
which aids in promoting circulation,
renewal, toning, collagen production and absorption of
"additional" high-performance serums, peptides & antioxidants.
applied throughout each of your skincare treatment phases.

≈ A custom formulated moisturizer with multi-peptides
or an advanced custom moisturizer with sun protection
and added antioxidants and actives also is applied while,
your serums, cremes and actives are being absorbed
into your skin, a relaxing "Complimentary" Scalp and
Upper Neck Massage completes your
Laser "Dual" Photo-Rejuvenation Skincare Treatment™

Your skin will feel very hydrated, refreshed, and
invigorated with a smooth & healthy natural looking glow.

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