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Customized Skincare Product Formulations

- Pricing -

For KARAMAR EXCLUSIVES™ Skincare Product
Formulations ~ Blended Specifically for each Individual
Client's Specific Skin Type and Skincare Needs.

As we custom blend hundreds of different skincare
product combinations, and as no two client's skincare needs
are alike, no product formulations are alike.
  Also, due to
seasonal changes, your skin's continually changing needs and
other deciding factors etc., we rarely will blend the same
formulation for you twice in a row, unless you request us too,
and it will be beneficial for your skincare needs ~ with this
said, we cannot possibly list all the vast skincare product
formulation options available ~ please find listed below price
ranges for our most popular skincare product categories.

Please Note  ~  For new Clients, not familiar with our
advanced & extensive lineup of customized skincare formulations.
We do not offer one-size-fits-all skincare products, and all of our
skincare products are customized just for your specific needs.

For a limited time only we are offering an Initial
15 minute Complimentary Skincare Consultation, along
with a 5 day introductory trial-size:  Cleanser, and a
Night Cream, blended specifically for your skin type.

Our 5 day trial-size samples are a perfect way for you
to try our products on your skin at home, and experience their
feel and texture firsthand, prior to your purchasing full-size blends.

For Detailed information regarding our Initial Complimentary
Consultation and scheduling, please click on the Complimentary
Consultation link, which is located along the left hand side of this page.

Listed below are prices & size options for a few
of our most popular customized skincare products and
categories, as we custom blend hundreds of different
formulations, we are only able to list a few below. 

"Please Note:  our advanced customized formulation blends
listed below include additional advanced ingredients and are added
to the finished formulation, based on each client's specific needs."

Custom Facial Cleansers

Hydrating Creme Soufflé Firming Facial Cleanser
$29.00 ~ 6 oz.,     $38.50 ~ 9 oz.

Hydrating Creme Soufflé Firming "Supreme" Facial Cleanser
$34.50 ~ 6 oz.,     $42.00 ~ 9 oz.

Coconut Milk & Honey Hydrating Lipids, Vitamin Facial Cleanser
$28.00 ~ 6 oz.,     $32.50 ~ 8 oz.

Coconut Milk & Honey Hydrating Lipids, Vitamin "Supreme" Facial Cleanser
$30.50 ~ 6 oz.,     $35.00 ~ 8 oz

Hydrating Soothing Tropical Multi-Enzymes Antioxidant Facial Cleanser
$28.00 ~ 6 oz.,     $32.00 ~ 8 oz.

Hydrating Soothing Tropical Multi-Enzymes Antioxidant "Supreme" Facial Cleanser
$32.00 ~ 6 oz.,     $38.50 ~ 8 oz.

Regenerative Deep Cleansing Lipids-Silky Smooth "Ultra" Facial Cleanser
(a unique serum-cream cleanser blend, especially for dry dehydrated skin)
$36.00 ~ 6 oz.,     $41.00 ~ 8 oz. 

Regenerative Deep Cleansing Lipids-Silky Smooth "Supreme" Facial Cleanser
(a unique all serum cleanser blend, especially for extremely dry dehydrated skin)
$38.50 ~ 6 oz.,     $44.00 ~ 8 oz.

Rooibos Multi-Tea Hydrating Antioxidant Creamy Facial Cleanser
$28.50 ~ 6 oz.,     $34.50 ~ 8 oz.

Rooibos Multi-Tea Hydrating Antioxidant Creamy "Supreme" Facial Cleanser
$30.00 ~ 6 oz.,     $36.00 ~ 8 oz.


Please Note new for 2014:
We will be updating our Skincare Product pages
next month and will include more details and
additional information for you regarding our 'vast' custom
blend leading edge, exclusive skincare products - below is a
price range listing for a few product options we offer.

We continually add new ingredients & one-of-a-kind formulations
each week, and strive to stay 'far ahead' of your ever-changing
skincare needs.  Also, we are finishing our expansion to our retail
for home-use product areas and will include these new product
additions as well to our website - as our longtime valued clients will
tell you "blink and everything is updated & even better than before."

Cleansers ~ $28 to $50

Toners & Rinses ~ $32 to $48

Polishing Facial Beads ~ $32 to $58

Specialty Masks ~ $35 to $95

Specialty Hydrators ~ $42 to $125

Advanced Day Moisturizers w/Advanced
Sun Protection & Antioxidants ~ $55 to $95

Day Treatment Moisturizers ~ $60 to $115

Night Cream Complex ~ $80 to $135

Specialty Creams ~ $75 to $150

Specialty Serums ~ $85 to $135

"Intensive Booster" Serums ~ $95 to $155

Glycolic Line ~ $60 to $95

Alpha Hydroxy Line ~ $60 to $115

Antioxidant Line ~ $65 to $110

Lip & Eye Treatments ~ $75 to $125

Throat and Bust Creams ~ $65 to $125

Treatment Body Butters ~ $42 to $65

Specialty Hand Treatment Creams ~ $50 to $85

Specialty Foot Treatment Creams ~ $48 to $65

Due to fluctuating pure ingredient costs, continuous advanced up-grading
of ingredient offerings ~ prices & services are subject to change, without notice.

*Product Mail-Order
Established KARAMAR | Specialized Skincare clients,
you can re-order your cosmetic and skincare products
via mail-order and have your products shipped right to
your home, office or vacation residence, throughout the
United States, and also for our Clients living outside
of the Pacific NW ~ we will continue to Update & Revise
your custom formulated skincare & cosmetic products
per your seasonal climate changes, and other factors etc.
You can either Call in your Mail Order or use the
Secure Mail Order form ~ a Link is provided below.

For Established KARAMAR Clients ~ To Place your
Skincare and or Cosmetic Product Mail-Order.  Please Click
on the Submit Your Order Link Provided Below or Call Us.

- Estimated Delivery Time -
 After we have confirmed your order, please allow 12 to 14
business days for your products to arrive, as we do not stock
pre-made skincare products, time is needed to blend your
custom ingredients. 
For Complete Details please click
on our Product Mail-Order ~ Request Form Link.

Submit Your Order

At this time, Skincare and Cosmetic Product
Mail-Order is only available within the United States.
Friendly Reminder to our Clients who Travel ~ Please
Call Us or Sent Us your Order a "few days ahead" and
Especially when you are planning on leaving the States,
as we will need extra time to blend, revise and update
your product orders for the possible change in climate
you will be traveling and staying in, and other factors.
~ Thank you ~

KARAMAR | Specialized Skincare
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*Special Note to New Clients calling, and or emailing us from
Out-of-State and or Out-of-the-Country.  Thank you, for your
interest and requests to purchase our custom skincare products.
Unfortunately, due to the precise customized blending and the
high potency ingredients used in our skincare product formulations,
it is impossible to determine the accurate blend and percentages of
ingredients for your specific skincare needs, and thus we do not blend
skincare products & mail them to clients we have not seen in person first.

Disclaimer:  The information on this website has been provided in good faith
for informational purposes only, and should not be relied upon as medical advice.
The information on this site is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease.

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Cannon Beach, Pearl District, Salem, Eugene, Corvallis... ~ just to name a few... and the Metro Area in Oregon.

Due to fluctuating pure ingredient costs, continuous advanced up-grading
of ingredient offerings ~ prices & services are subject to change, without notice.

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