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*see new updated revisions below

KARAMAR'S Members Only Club

~ Why Join KARAMAR'S Members Only Club ~
*KARAMAR'S Members Only Club is Exclusive,
and is geared specifically for Women & Men
who are serious about taking care of the health
and appearance of their skin, and are interested
in receiving 'beneficial' information regarding
the most current & proven methods available, in
regards to advanced non-invasive, professional,
effective skincare treatments, related services
and leading edge, skincare product ingredients.

KARAMAR'S Members Only Club, offers it's Valued
Members, via direct email 'Exclusive' Introductory
Offers, 'Special' Promotions & What's New Updates.

We will be sending you 'periodically,' and more offen
only if information is newsworthy  ~  newsletters on topics
which we feel will be of interest to you regarding advanced,
'not' fads, in the latest news on advanced proven anti-aging
preventative, and rejuvenation skincare treatments, and
proven advanced skincare ingredients and skincare health.

* KARAMAR Club Members
KARAMAR "Special" Promotions, Pricing, and Updates
will not be listed and or offered on our Website and will be
Exclusive to KARAMAR Members Only, either by direct email
notices and always will be offered to you when you are coming
in for your appointments to pickup your products, and your
'Member's Only Club' savings will be noted on your sales receipt.

We value your time and know how busy everyone's
schedules are these days, and is why we have chosen to
send out notices periodically, and possibly once or twice a
month on special occasions or during the Holidays, or if
there is beneficial news and or promotions which will not
be available on the next email update, and we will not be
sending you emails daily as other business do, and which
 quite frankly we ourselves find quite a nuisance as they
seem to always be the same email news blasts or offers.
We will always keep our email updates sent to you
streamlined, interesting and worth your while to take
a moment to peruse over quickly to see what we are up
to here at KARAMAR ~ as our valued and longtime, and
new clients will attest too, no moss ever grows under
our feet ~ one just has to blink and we have "changed
everything" and are on to whole new offerings and
latest advances, both in skincare services & products.
At KARAMAR | Specialized Skincare, we feel strongly
and passionately that Advanced Skincare, is about one's
taking the time, and are investing in their skin's condition,
health and appearance and to this end, Advanced Skincare
Treatments, Services and Professional Products should not
be pursued if it is only intended to be on a whim and only
sporadically, then advanced skincare is not for you ~ as it
is also a Team Effort on both our part, as well as yours.

If you are serious about your skin's condition, health and
appearance  ~  we are serious and look forward to helping
you to achieve this goal, then do join, and we will make
 sure as listed above you will greatly benefit with the
offerings & news updates we have planned for the year.

Members Only Club Sign Up

Please Note: all personal information you submit on any of our forms is
Always Kept Confidential, and is Never Sold or Ever Given to Third Parties.
You can un-subscribe or opt-out anytime you wish ~ no obligation.

Disclaimer:  As *KARAMAR'S Members Only Club, is an' Exclusive Club,'
we 'reserve the right to screen all applications, and will offer membership
privileges accordingly.'  Also, we will not be accepting applications from solicitors.

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